‘The proper words in the proper places are the true definition of style.'
Jonathan Swift

Don’t let the words let you down!

When you want your message out there, aim for style but don’t forget the substance. Great design attracts attention, but if the copy that accompanies it is substandard, this will undermine readers' confidence in the message conveyed — and may affect meaning as well. The right graphic elements, combined with text that’s easily comprehended, consistent in style and free of typographical and grammatical errors, repetition or even a clumsy turn of phrase, will draw your audience in and keep them reading.

As a copywriter, editor and proof-reader of many years’ standing, I’ve worked with companies, consultants, government departments, academic institutions and publishing houses (in London and Perth), as well as private individuals. During that time, my commissions have ranged from the scientific and the technical to the eclectic and the ephemeral, and everything in between.

Documents in which I have a hand are accurate, accessible and concise, faithful to the intentions of my clients and well-suited to the needs of their target audience. What’s more, my association with a range of professionals, among them graphic designers, website developers, photographers and printers, allows me to assist on a number of levels — be it writing, editing, proofreading and/or managing a project from concept to completion.

Every job is different, but rest assured: with my help, deadlines will be met and your expectations exceeded ... every time!

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